Space heaters and warmers from brands such as Arcotherm and Sealey, these space heaters will quickly warm up large areas and and are great for uses in larger spaces such as workshops, garages and warehouses. These portable heaters are ideally suited for areas where no mains heating systems are present, such as marquees and events.


Propane Space Heaters

Arcotherm - GP85 propane space heater
Propane gas space heaters are ideal for many applications, from small workshop heaters, garage heaters and marquee heaters to large warehouse heaters. They provide a cleaner heat than direct diesel heaters, but do give off some fumes.

Infrared Space Heaters

Indirect Space Heaters
Infrared Space heaters and warmers. Great as an outdoor or patio solution.

Indirect Space Heaters

Indirect Space Heaters
Indirect diesel space heaters. Where fumes will be an issue, these units are sited outside the room that requires heating, ducting is used to diret the heat into the area.

Spaceheater Marquee Packages

Marquee Package Photo
Gold, silver, bronze and standard marquess packages with heater and all required accessories sold in an affordable bundle.

Diesel Space Heaters

Indirect Space Heaters
Diesel heaters are a great source of heat in any location, complete with integral fuel tanks and with wheels on most models, they are very protable and easy to move around.