Diesel Generators sold at a discount.

Himoinsa Stationary Industrial Generators

Himoinsa Range
Himoinsa range of industrial generators for stationary uses. These diesel generators are fitted with Yanmar diesel engines. All models are super cooled and with hot parts protection and dry air filter. 

PRAMAC Super Silenced Diesel

P6000s Super Silent Diesel Generator
The  PRAMAC Super Silenced P Series Diesel set. This range of diesel generators are super silent.

Warrior Silenced Diesel Generators

warrior diesel generators
Warrior diesel generators made by Champion. Champion is the biggest supplier of generators in the USA, where they are renowned as dependable, durable and affordable. Within this range you will find a selection of 3000RPM air cooled Diesel sets in both single phase and three phase.

Pramac Silenced Diesel Generators

Silenced Diesel Generators
Pramac P Series Silenced Diesel Generator Range are mainly 3000RPM air cooled diesel generators with the exception of the P12000 model which is a 3000RPM water cooled Hatz engine. The P Series are quiet and high powered portable generators.

Mosa Silenced Diesel Generators

Site Diesel Generators
The Mosa Silenced Diesel Generator range are suitable for home and business use and are reliable and give uninterrupted power. Available in three phase and single phase. All use reliable branded Diesel engines. Made in Europe

MOSA Three Phase Diesel Generators

MOSA Three Phase Diesel GE S-6500 YDT
A Range of Three Phase Diesel Generators from MOSA with long run and silent Yanmar engines. 

Hyundai Budget Diesel Generators

Hyundai Budget Generators
We offer this affordable range of Hyundai Silenced Diesel Generators for Sale in both 3000RPM Air cooled for home or office backup and 1500RPM Water cooled units for more regular useage. The Hyundai DHY6000SE is a 3000rpm generator and the DHY11KSEM & DHY18KSEM are 1500rpm silent diesel generators.