Leisure Generators Range ideal for use as Camping and Caravan use. These Suitcase Generators are Lightweight, portable and silenced making them ideal as a caravan generator, camping generator or anywhere that requires portable power with minimal noise.

SEALEY Inverter Generators

SEALEY g2000 inverter generator
 Lightweight, easily lifted and fully portable inverter generator set from SEALEY

Pi Inverter Generators (Powered by Hyundai Engines)

Hyundai Inverter Generator
Ideal for use in a caravan/motorhome or to power a horsebox: Great to power TVs, fridges, heaters, laptops, air pumps, power tools, hairdryers and more

Champion Inverter Generators

Champion Inverter Generators use true sine wave inverter technology, making it safe to power sensitive electronic equipment such as computers.

Hyundai Suitcase Generators

Hyundai Suitcase
These Hyundai Suitcase Generators are ideal for camping, boats, caravans, motorhomes or for use at shows and events. The Hyundai inverter generators range produce a very clean power output.

Pramac Inverter Series

Pramac inverter petrol generator
Pramac's series of inverter generators offer right power to supply equipment sensitive to voltage surges.

MOSA Inverter Generator.

Inverter Generators from MOSA portable and reliable models. Generating sets with Inverter technology and recoil start